About Us

 Verbier's Friendliest Delivery Service. 
Our drivers are local, so we know this town like the back of our hands.
The best restaurants to keep you full and the best roads to reach you quickly.
Shortcuts en route, never shortcuts in service.

Our Team

 Our company is founded and run by two local ski instructors and entreprenuers, 
our drivers speak a variety of languages. If you're interested in partnering with us, .... 

Our System

TRANSPORT: For highest quality assurance, food is delivered in
Swiss-made temperature-regulated bags
with silicone heating pads to keep your food at the ideal temperature. 

PAYMENT: 12CHF Delivery Fee, No minimum order.
Payment is made upon arrival.

DELIVERY: Delivered to your front door or garage, depending on chalet or apartment building.
We will not go within apartment buildings or hotels to your specific room, please come out and meet us.

COVID-19 REGULATIONS: Masks and hand sanitizer are used by all drivers, with cleaning between deliveries

FEEDBACK: Please do not hesitate to email your feedback to hello@homiesdelivery.ch 

Terms & Conditions

The present general customer terms and conditions are applicable to the existing relationship between Homies Delivery Services (hereinafter HDS) and the Customers.

1. Terms & Definitions
Order: an order can be placed by the customer with HDS by means of a telephone call, sms or email concerning the offer chosen by the customer.Customer: a natural person or a legal entity placing an order with HDS.Contract: an agreement between the customer, HDS and the restaurant concerning an order and its delivery.

Offer: the offer in terms of the restaurant's products and services that the customer can order from the restaurant via telephone, sms or email from HDS.Website: customers choose their order from affiliated companies or business partners on which the service is available.Restaurant: a company that prepares and sells meals, drinks and associated items and uses the HDS delivery service for the distribution of its products.

Services: the commercial services and/or benefits that are offered by HDS to the customer, including, among other things, the publication of the offer, the facilitation of the drawing up of contracts and the transmission of orders to the restaurant concerned. 

2. Application. These general terms and conditions for customers apply only to the service. HDS is not responsible for the offer. If applicable, the general conditions of the restaurant will be additionally applicable to the offer.2. By placing an order, the customer enters into a direct contractual relationship with HDS and the restaurant for the supply of the offer chosen by the customer. The customer is bound by the order and is not entitled to a refund except in the event of cancellation agreed to by HDS or the restaurant. 

3. Offer. HDS publishes the offer on its website on behalf of the restaurants and in accordance with the Information provided by the individual restaurants. HDS disclaims all responsibility for the content of the offer and for the Information relating to the restaurant published on the website.2. HDS indicates the information concerning the restaurant in a transparent manner so that the rights and obligations arising from the acceptance of the offer appear clearly to the customer. The restaurant may use certain ingredients and additives for dishes and drinks that may cause allergies and intolerances. 3. If a customer is allergic to certain foodstuffs, it is advisable to contact the restaurant directly by telephone to obtain information on the allergenic nature of the products before placing an Order.4. HDS shall not be held responsible in the event that the details of the products on its website are not accessible. 

4. Contract. The contract is concluded at the moment the customer has contacted HDS to place an order.2. After receipt of the order, HDS will confirm the order electronically or by text message to the Customer.3. The contract can only be implemented by the restaurant if the Customer provides HDS with information on his/her exact and complete contact details when placing the order.4. With regard to information concerning the status of his/her order, the Customer is requested to be contactable by telephone or email for both HDS and the restaurant. 5. When the customer receives his order, he must be present at the delivery address he has indicated in order to be able to receive his order.6. If HDS delivers the order on behalf of the restaurant, HDS will charge the customer for the delivery costs. The current delivery costs are indicated on the website. Before a customer places an order he must read it. A receipt for these delivery costs can be requested from HDS.7. If the customer chooses to pick up their order, they must be present at the pick-up site of the Restaurant at the chosen time, as indicated in the email or confirmation text message from HDS.8. Upon receipt of the order, HDS and the Restaurant may request identification if the order contains alcoholic products or other products that are subject to an age limit. If the customer cannot identify himself or is under the required age, HDS and the restaurant will refuse to deliver the products concerned to the customer, in which case a cancellation fee may be charged.9. HDS assumes no responsibility for the execution of the offer made directly with the restaurant.10. After placing an order, the customer may, at his discretion, choose to tip a courier only in cash.11. The tip is intended for the courier and cannot be considered as payment for the services of HDS. HDS will thus act as an intermediary and, therefore, assign the amount of the tip. 

5. Cancellation of contract and order. Due to the perishability of the offer, the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract. Orders cannot be cancelled by the customer with HDS. Cancellation of the order by the customer with the restaurant is only permitted if the restaurant explicitly states that cancellation of an order by the customer is permitted.2. The Restaurant is entitled to cancel the order, among other things if the offer is no longer available or not feasible. If the customer has given an incorrect or out of order telephone number or any other incorrect contact information, or in case of force majeure.3. If the customer places a false order (e.g. by giving inaccurate contact, delivery or pick-up information to receive the order) or is otherwise in breach of its obligations under the contract, HDS shall be entitled to refuse any future orders from such a customer.4. HDS shall have the right to refuse orders and cancel contracts on behalf of the restaurant if there is justified doubt as to the accuracy or authenticity of the contact information or the order. If the customer places orders that turn out to be false or fraudulent, HDS may report this to the police.   

6. Rules. At the time of the conclusion of the contract in accordance with the provisions referred to in article 4.1 of these general terms and conditions for customers, the customer is obliged to pay the amount of the order to HDS. The customer fulfils his payment obligation in full by using the cash or credit card payment method at the delivery site.2. Additional service charges for services provided by HDS in connection with order processing and services are not included in the product price and are added to the total price.3. With the exception of the provisions of article 5 of these general customer terms and conditions, (partial) reimbursement of a payment is only possible if the order cannot be delivered or produced. 4. The Restaurant authorises HDS to receive payments from the Customer on behalf of the Restaurant. 

7. Claims. Complaints from the client concerning the offer, the order or the execution of the contract must be lodged with HDS and the restorer if they concern the offer. HDS can only act as a mediator in the settlement of complaints concerning the offer.2. If the client has a complaint about the service, the complaint must be communicated, by e-mail or by post, to the address below.3. After receipt of the complaint by HDS, HDS will react as quickly as possible.4. Complaints as described in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article must be lodged with the Restaurant or HDS within a period of time immediately after the customer has noted the shortcomings and must be accompanied by a full and detailed description of the shortcomings. 

8. Contact Address. 
  Homies Delivery Services Route de Verbier station 28  CH - 1936 Verbier +41782085450 hello@homiesdelivery.ch